“Its not the reality in which we live that shapes us. It’s the lens that views the world that shapes our reality. If we can change the lens, we can change our happiness” – Shawn Achor     I like to think of myself as a grateful person. I had an amazing childhood, a…

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MWB Podcast

Breaking down the stigma through discourse! Great to see Torrens University acknowledge the challenges of Mental Well Being in high-pressure environments. This topic will be covered by many of their health students in Sport Development. Encouraging learning and discussion around Athlete Mental Well Being is a huge step. I am both thankful and grateful for…

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The Beginning

I remember the time quite clearly, how could I forget? It was the year 2015; we were halfway through the season. Things on the field weren’t exactly great. No matter how hard I applied myself to training and playing, I couldn’t catch a break. I wasn’t turning out terrible performances, but wasn’t exactly setting the…

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